Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Inside the Conservatory: 2 Days of Movement for Actors

Post by Conservatory student Mackenzie Muldoon

Overall, I think my body feels more alive than it does sore, but that's not to say it isn't sore. It is - just a delicious sort of sore.

I have just traced a diagram of my path in my notebook. It is the path I created from the ideas Peggy Baker fed us and it is a path that jumps around the globe, the continent and the GTA. In my notebook it looks like a very abstract version of connect the dots. I love that Peggy is leading us to create in ways I would never have considered and yet that seem to come so naturally from within. As I look around the room to see what others are finding I am in awe of the beauty coming from each and every one of my classmates. Yet, it seems so effortless. Okay, okay...alright. ;0)

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